Asian Cuisine

There are various restaurants in Barbados that are preparing authentic Asian cuisine many of them using traditional cooking methods and techniques. Many of these dishes have been influence by both eastern Asia which would include China and Japan and Southern Asia which included India and Pakistan.

This Asian cuisine page has been created to share some of these Asian influence Barbadian restaurants with our web surfers… so if you are planning your trip to Barbados and simply want to decide where to eat this page is for you.

Simply click each link to learn more about each restaurant listed, find out about its staff, its opening hours, the type of attire allow for dinner and view a sample of their menu.



Apsara Asian Restaurant
Apsara Samudra Restaurant

Apsara Restaurant You’ll find this fine dining restaurant tuck away amidst beautiful gardens and dining gazebos on a cliff a couple feet above the water… at what can only be describe as the best seaside location on the island.

But if the location is what draws you in, this will not be the only reason to visit this restaurant. Josef’s off an international menu characterise by mouth watering Asian cuisine and Caribbean flavours.

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Cariba Restaurant
Cariba Restaurant

Cariba Restaurant and Bar is a delightful restaurant and bar nestle amidst tropical palms on one of the west coast quiet side streets.

House in a quaint Barbadian chattel house this restaurant is own and operated by the husband and wife team of Glen and Faye Bent.

You can treat yourself to the restaurant, wonderful menu which features Caribbean cuisine with an Asian twist.

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Lone Star Restaurant
Lonestar Restaurant Barbados

Lone Star Restaurant is an exclusive elegant, yet relax restaurant set on a spectacular white sandy St. James on Barbados West Coast.

Establish in 1999 the stylish facilities describe by Michael Winner as “The Ivy of The Caribbean” is renowned for attracting a number of celebrity clientele

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Nishi Restaurant Barbados
Nishi Restaurants

Located in Holetown on Barbados West coast is the latest sophisticated fine dining restaurant.

Nishi is the perfect example of where East meets West, blending the unique flavours of Asian and Caribbean foods into a gastronomic experience you wouldn’t forget.

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Scarlet Restaurant Barbados

Scarlet is a fun, modern bistro located on Barbados west coast. Here you can sample contemporary cuisine usually with a great twist on some classics as well as a little Caribbean flare.

You can choose to have a la carte at the bar or at the tables.

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The Zen Restaurant Barbados

Zen restaurant located at the Crane hotel offers dinners an unbelievable dining experience from its cliff-to setting.

Guest to this sophisticated restaurant with its Japanese-influence interior design have a majestic view of the renowned Crane beach through an all-glass frontage.

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