Sporting Events in Barbados

Sporting events in Barbados cover almost every discipline under the sun… that’s why there has been such a significant growth in the sports tourism market in Barbados. So whether it’s amateur or professional you’ll find it here on the island… actually there was a time when the warm tropical weather and the beautiful beaches determined a vacation in Barbados.

Over the last twenty-five years holiday seekers have come to expect much more than sun, sea and sand from their Barbados vacation.I know with Barbados being such a small island its difficult to believe, but the island really is choc full with a wide range of sports and leisure activities to do.

Most sporting events in Barbados take place in a real carnival like atmosphere… add to this unique atmosphere you’ll find weather conditions that favour sporting activities all year round. It is these qualities that make sports in Barbados so endearing to competitors and spectators the world over.

So if you are planning a club tour or pre-season training camp Barbados is the ideal place to look for your sports vacation packages. Below is list of all the sporting events in Barbados that can be part of your holiday in the sun package. Here you’ll find a lot of detail information about each sport.

Here are some of the leading sporting events in Barbados

Sporting Events in Barbados Include Cricket

Of all the sporting events in Barbados Cricket has held the dominant position as king of sports, since the days when the island was a colony of the British. The spectator appeal of cricket is most noticeable when the English and the Aussies are in town, at this time Kensington Oval; the island’s premier cricket venue is at its most enthralling.

Nothing beats the friendly rivalry at cricket. The atmosphere is electric as fans heckle each other by sing nursery rhymes like… London Bridge is falling down or the very popular rally round the West Indies.

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Sporting Events in Barbados Include Horse Racing

You’ll find that a couple of sporting events in Barbados have really become festive events… and the sport of kings is one of them. Horse racing takes place at the historic Garrison Savannah most Saturday afternoons. The premier event is the prestigious Sandy Lane Gold Cup, which for the last twenty-eight years has been held during the first week of March.

The gold cup, which features a festive entertainment package… with, choreographed dances and a high quality field of horses has captured the imagination of both visitors and locals alike since its inception in 1982.

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Sporting Events in Barbados Include the Marathon

One of the flagship events on the sporting events in Barbados calendar is the Run Barbados Marathon… Known as the Run Barbados Series this event has been an integral part of sports tourism on the island during the last twenty-six years.

Every year hundreds of visiting athletes and spectators from all over the world descend on this idyllic paradise during the first week of November for this challenging but fun run in the sun.

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Sporting Events in Barbados Include Motor Sports


Motor sports have emerged as the biggest spectator sport on the island with both circuit racing and rallying commanding a large enthusiastic following… It has even gained a large international following over the last eight years as hundreds of competitors and friends from around the world visit the island to take part in the Barbados Rally Carnival.

It has become an integral part of the sporting events in Barbados package offering visiting competitors, their families and friends a fantastic opportunity to enjoy the fast pace of motor sports… Combined with the leisurely laid back atmosphere of one of the most idyllic vacation paradises anywhere in the world.

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Polo Is One of The Sporting Events in Barbados

Barbados is a very unique island with a number of differences in culture and cultural activities… So it should come as no surprise that polo has been on the island since 1884. Although it has been a part of the sporting events in Barbados landscape for over one hundred years many visitors are still caught by surprise when they see a game in progress.

So if polo is your game you can catch a game at one of the world-class polo fields here on the island.

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Sporting Events in Barbados Include the Hockey Festival

Did you know that visiting players have regarded the Banks Hockey Festival as the best hockey festival in the world? Well it is true! This exciting hockey festival takes place during the last week of August and has been an annual fixture on the sporting events in Barbados calendar since 1986.

And over the last twenty-three years numerous clubs from all over the world have travel to this island paradise to take part in this fun one-week tournament.

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Surfing Is One of The Sporting Events in Barbados

Barbados surfing

Barbados has been blessed with natural beauty, a diverse coastline and some of the most idyllic weather you can imagine. So it should come as no surprise that the island has a thriving beach culture filled with a variety of water sports.

It is the ultimate destination for the water sports enthusiast that’s why thousands of people descend on the island’s spectacular beaches every year to take part in surfing, diving, snorkeling, sailing and fishing.

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Golf Is Popular Among The Sporting Events in Barbados

Barbados Golf

One of Barbados main assets is it’s near perfect weather all year round… with this idyllic weather comes the ability to play all year round. This is one of the main reasons why Barbados golf holidays are among the best anywhere in the world.

It’s not just the ideal natural conditions that make this destination so special. Golf in Barbados offers the enthusiast a wide variety of options to suit everyone’s skilled level and pocket.

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Sporting Events in Barbados Include Masters Football


The Barbados International Masters Football Festival has been a fixture on the sporting events in Barbados calendar for over a decade… And every year a number of teams travel to the island to take part in this festival. These include teams from the United Kingdom, North America and throughout the Caribbean…

So if you are passionate about football, idyllic tropical weather and sizzling nightlife activity then the Barbados Masters Football festival is the ideal holiday package for you.

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