Barbados Hiking

If you are considering getting a closer look at the island, then a Barbados hiking tour is the thing to do… Near-perfect weather and a beautiful contrasting landscape ensure that Barbados offers excellent opportunities for hiking and other outdoor activities. You’ll get the opportunity to explore Barbados off the beaten track.

You’re sure to enjoy and better understand this beautiful country… The scenery, the people, the birds, the plants, the animals, the geology, and of course even the architectural history of the island. …Now, I must admit that it may be a little intimidating to go off the beaten track exploring the island.

After all, you’re in a beautiful but strange environment. And you don’t know which Barbados hiking trails are fun and safe. This is where the Barbados National Trust comes in, you see over the last 25 years the trust has located a number of good trails and paths for their Barbados hiking trips.

Hike Barbados as it is called feature hikes that are educational, exhilarating, and fun. By the way, walks last for three hours and are held in the morning and afternoon… there is even a moonlight hike which starts at 5.30 in the evening.

And you know what these hikes are free to both locals and visitors just meet at the designated location any Sunday morning or evening choose from four grades with different degrees of difficulty on the morning hike these are. Stop ‘n Stare, Medium, Fast Medium, Grin ‘n Bear. The afternoon hikes repeat the mornings…

So get out there and experience the sights and sounds of the road less travel… boat builders at Six Men’s perfecting their craft, to realize that for most Barbadians… life revolves around the sea.

Barbados Hiking In The North

Hiking in the North of the island takes place in some of the most beautiful surroundings you can imagine. Lush tropical vegetation and steep weathered cliffs pounded by raging Atlantic surf present hikers with an incredible sight. …Add to this natural beauty, there are some significant places of interest like; Archers Bay,

Harrison Point, Cove Bay, Heywoods Beach, Castle Plantation, Cherry Tree Hill, St. Nicholas Abbey, and Farley Hill. These are all special landmarks that add to the history and culture of the island’s fascinating hiking trails to the North

Hiking In Central Barbados 

Hiking in central Barbados is no different this section of the island is exceptionally green which makes it a great place for sightseeing. It is also home to many of the island’s botanical attractions. Its lush scenery and undulating landscape present an area of excellent hiking.

Here you’ll find many of the wonders of the island, which include sights like Welshman Hall Gully, Harrison’s Cave, Flower Forest, Gun Hill Signal Station, and Springvale Eco-Heritage Museum. These sites are an integral part of the history and stunning beauty of this area of Barbados.

Hiking In Southern Barbados

Hiking in the South of Barbados takes place in an area of historical and environmental significance. The south is one of the more developed areas of the island here you’ll find the Garrison Historic area which comprises the Barbados Museum, George Washington House, the National Cannon Collection, St Ann’s Fort, and the Military Cemetery.

These are all areas of historical significance added to these you’ll also find Oistin’s, Ocean Park, and the Greame Hall Nature Sanctuary all sights that add to the rich history and culture which make southern Barbados a fascinating place for hiking and outdoor activities.

Hiking In South Eastern Barbados

Hike Barbados adventures also take you into southeastern Barbados, this part of the island was once part of the lush agricultural belt in an era when sugar was king… But there is more to hiking in southeastern Barbados than the lush beauty of the area you’ll also encounter some stunning coastal scenery and sites of historical significance like Sunbury house and Codrington College.

Sunbury was built over 300 years ago and is a striking example of a Barbadian sugar estate great house. Codrington College on the other hand was built in the mid-1700s and is home to the theological college of the West Indies. Hiking in this historical area you’ll experience the hush and tranquility as you walk under the majestic row of Royal Palms or linger by the duck lily pond.