Best Hotels In Barbados

Rostrevor Hotel Barbados

Best hotels in Barbados… the ultimate in tropical vacation accommodation. Actually, the island has some of the best hotels found anywhere in the Caribbean.

Set amidst exotic tropical gardens they spawn some of the most picture-perfect beaches you can imagine.
There are five-star hotels, all-inclusive hotels and intimate romantic hotels, all complimented by beautiful beaches, friendly people, fabulous snorkelling and tons of other activities.

You’ll no doubt recognize popular brand names like HiltonSandy Lane, The Crane and Sandals to name a few but there are some fantastic smaller gems like The Rostrevor on the south coast and Little Good Harbour on the west coast.

Below you’ll find our list of Best hotels in Barbados set out in various categories to make your planning that much easier.

There are so many wonderful family-friendly hotels and resorts on the island, among them, are the Hilton, Sandy Lane, Bougainvillea, The Fairmont Royal Pavillion, Beach View and Divi Southwinds.

Yes, on the west coast you will find The House by Elegant Hotels, Treasure Beach by Elegant Hotels, and The Club Hotel all adult-only all-inclusive resorts.

Everything is planned and paid for upfront this takes the hassle out of your holiday. You get to enjoy the island experience as you un-wind so it might be worth it to go all-inclusive in Barbados.

There are low cost hotels in Barbados that cater to the budget traveller, some of the more popular ones include Blue Horizon, Pirates Inn, Travellers Palms and All Season Resort.

Best Hotels In Barbados On The West Coast

Waves by Elegant Barbados West Coast hotel

Here we have grouped the best hotels in Barbados by the coast, namely the west coast, south coast and east coast. Each coastline featured here is characterised by significant differences on the west coast or platinum coast as it is commonly referred to you’ll find a number of posh hotels sitting on some gorgeous beaches. This definitely is the upscale side of Barbados hotel accommodation.

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Best Hotels In Barbados On The South Coast

Bougainvillea Barbados South Coast Hotel

The south coast like the west coast also features stunning white sandy beaches lapped by the gentle pristine waters of the Caribbean sea. However, the hotels on this coast fall in the mid-price range so if you are on a limited budget here are the best hotels in Barbados on the south coast. Maybe this action pack coastline is the place for you.

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Best Hotels In Barbados On The East Coast

Crane Barbados East Coast Hotel

The east coast is the rugged underdeveloped side of the island here you’ll find beautiful rolling hills, lush natural vegetation and the pounding waves of the rougher Atlantic ocean. Unlike the west and south coast, you wouldn’t find many hotels on this coastline but there definitely is something on the coast for the more adventurous holiday seeker.

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Best Hotels In Barbados That Are Rated 5 Star

Barbados 5 Star Hotels

Here you’ll find eight hotels with the top five-star rating in Barbados. They all have some of the highest guest ratings you’ll find anywhere. However, there are all unique accommodation properties catering to your individual needs the nightly rates for most of these start at way over $1,000.

Barbados 5-star hotels are the cream of the hotel accommodation on the island. So if you are seeking to pamper yourself with celebrity-style treatment these fancy resorts are the ideal place for you. You’ll be treated to the best money can buy from spa treatments to world-class cuisine.

These hotels will allow you to unwind in a world that is just beyond your imagination.

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Best Hotels In Barbados That Are All Inclusive

Barbados All Inclusive Hotels

Here you find the best all-inclusive hotels in Barbados. This type of vacation accommodation is becoming extremely popular in tourist destinations like Barbados. Mainly because the all-inclusive concept means that your room rate covers most of the extras like onsite meals, activities like tours and facilities like the fitness centre.

If you are on a budget the Barbados all-inclusive hotels may be the place to stay. Just remember that each all-inclusive property may vary on what’s included. So do your research thoroughly to be sure of what you are getting for your dollar.

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Best Hotels In Barbados That Are Intimate

Barbados Intimate Hotel Yellow Bird

Barbados intimate hotels is a grouping of most of the indigenous-owned small hotels, apartments, guest houses, villas and condos on the island. Comprising less than 80 rooms you’ll definitely be taken back by the charm and quaintness of these amazing properties.

And the good news is they are located all around the island even on the famous platinum coast.

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Best Hotels In Barbados That Are Low-Cost

Cheap Hotels in Barbados

Barbados hotels are usually pretty expensive. However, some relatively cheaper accommodation options are still available to budget-conscious vacationers. Here you will find more clean affordable options that may even offer self-catering facilities. Most are around $100 or less a night.

The amenities they offer are limited, but they are great places to stay if you are operating on a shoestring budget.

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Best Hotels In Barbados For Those On Honeymoon

Honeymoon Hotel in Barbados

Barbados has a long tradition of hosting honeymooners and with so many wonderful hotels and resorts, the island can provide a number of romantic accommodation packages to ensure that your journey together is a memorable one.

So if you are looking for a Barbados honeymoon hotel. Here are the best places to stay if you are planning a honeymoon in paradise. All of these hotels come with all the amenities to make your stay perfect.

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