Explore And Discover Barbados Tour

Explore and Discover Tour

You may be wondering what is the best explore and discover Barbados tour. Well, I recently discover Ebike Island Adventure a fun pedal-assisted bike tour that is suitable for the entire family. I know you are going to ask what is an e-bike. An e-bike is a bicycle that can be run on electric power as well as by pedaling.

On this bike adventure, you get to discover Barbados off the beaten track even if you’re not as fit as you use to be.
You’ll love it because it will make going over the hill trails so much easier It is an excellent way to explore the island’s history, culture, and folklore and it is a great opportunity to capture some of the island’s most spectacular views. This unique Barbados cycling adventure is a great outdoor activity for all ages and fitness levels.

Just imagine a pedal-assisted ride that takes in some of Barbados’ most historic landmarks like Codrington College or St. John Parish Church in the southeast of the island… Or explore the unspoiled coastal beauty of the cliffs on the island’s northern coast. No matter your fancy this explore and discover Barbados tour will expose you to our rich cultural history and some breathtaking spectacular scenery.
Explore and Discover Barbados tour is a great family activity for the experience and first-time riders.

Explore Barbados Tour

This explore and discover Barbados tour feature a number of distinctly different ride packages, the South coast e-bike Adventure tour, The Northern Trek Hike and Dike tour, and the Rural Tracks and Trails. Each of these rides presents an exciting way to see the island from the local’s perspective.

Enjoy the picturesque coastline and magnificent view of the very popular coastline of the island. The e-bike adventure tour and adventure is owned and operated by passionate riders who will ensure you have a really good time exploring.

Explore and Discover Barbados Tour

Here are the Packages and Rates for this exciting e-bike Barbados cycling adventure…

South Coast eBike Adventure

This fun e-bike tour begins at Silver Rock beach on Barbados’ south coast. The tour cruise eastward up the coastline taking in breathtaking views along the way as well as the secluded Long beach and Barracuda Bay.

You’ll travel along some off-road tracks that lead onto the cliff trails of the beautiful southeast coast revealing hidden coves, secluded beaches, and fantastic picture opportunities of the island’s untouched coastline.

On your way back to base you will encounter the uniqueness of the Chancery Lane Wetlands, a layover for migratory birds making their way to and from North America.

This 1-hour and 30 minutes tour does not include a shuttle to/from the ride BDS $190.00 / USD 95.00 Per Person…

The Rural Tracks and Trail Tour

The rural Tracks and Trails tour begins at the beautiful historic St John’s Parish Church. This classic 1640 Gothic-style Anglican Church sits on a southeastern ridge with panoramic views of the East Coast.

The tour takes you along the spectacular Hackleton’s Cliff escarpment, an impressive geological feature encasing the entire Scotland District. You’ll then ride through the environmentally friendly, bio-dynamic PEG Farm. You are eventually summiting Chimborazo, in the rugged parish of St. Joseph, one of the highest points on the island.

Now we descend into the primeval forest of Braggs Hill, to Paris Hill, where the locals have uniquely painted murals into the limestone “cut rock”. Next is a quick pedal past an abandoned sugar factory to the Grand Coconut Stand, a line of a hundred coconut trees under which a magical single track lies begging to be ridden.

This is only to be seconded by what comes next: The fast grassy downhill at Redland on the way to the casuarina tree-lined trails and country back roads for post-ride refreshments.

Price BDS $380.00 / USD $190.00 Per Person…

The Rugged Northern Cliff Tour

This tour showcases the stark differences between each of Barbados’s coasts. Beginning on the island’s North-East coastline at a little-known inlet aptly named Little Bay.
Your hike takes you further along the coast into the parish of St. Peter, along trails traversed only by local fishermen. We arrive at a unique spot known as Pico Teneriffe, a conical hill rising almost straight out of the sea.
This is a historic settlement site, the location of which brings into view much of the east coast including Cattlewash and Bathsheba. Here, we pick up our e-Bikes, and continue through the sleepy village of Boscobel, up Centipede Alley, and traverse “The Graveyard”.

Then, we’ll summit Cherry Tree Hill, where we’ll be rewarded with stunning views of Morgan Lewis Windmill and the East Coast.

This 3-hour tour includes a shuttle to/from cliffs & canefields.

Price BDS $270.00 / USD $135.00 Per Person

Coast to Coast Challenge

Want to test yourself? Then ride the Coast to Coast Climbing Challenge – An ocean, a sea & a mountain all in one bike ride. With just enough climbing to make it tough going for the best of us.
This achievable ride challenge takes you through the jungle interior, to the highest point on the island, and then to the calm of the Caribbean Sea and back.
Your expedition starts in scenic Bathsheba on the rugged Atlantic East Coast, across the bridge at Joes River, and directly into the hilly Scotland District – destination Mount Hillaby.
Then experience a fast descent into Holetown, the town where the first settlers landed in 1627, only to retrace our eastbound steps via a different but equally picturesque route back to the Bathsheba start point; and all supported with a fully equipped chase vehicle; Tour de France style.

This 4-hour tour is a fantastic opportunity to test yourself.

Price BDS $300.00 / USD $150.00 Per Person

What to Bring on Your Explore and Discover Barbados Adventure

Enclosed Footwear, Eyewear ( sunshades), Sun Screen, Camera, and Phone

Ebike Riding Requirements

Here are the requirements for horseback riding…

  • Riders should be a maximum weight of 300 lbs
  • Riders should be a minimum height of 5’3″, 15 years or older
  • A maximum of 6 guests for the Great Adventure Tour
  • A maximum of 4 guests for the Rural Heritage Tour