Barbados Green Monkey

The playful antics of the Barbados green monkey, as they play and frolic in the wooded areas bordering the Sandy Lane golf course. No doubt would have fascinated those of you who were watching the Barbados World Cup of Golf… This playful, mischievous, and elusive little creature is Barbados most popular animal.

This monkey has lived on the island for the last 350 years having been brought here in the mid-1600s on board ships that transported slaves from Senegal and Gambia in West Africa. It quickly adapted to the conditions on the island and has survived to this day… But it has not been all fun and frolic for this intelligent little creature.

Over the years the Green monkey has had a mixed relationship with the people of the island… Its destruction of local crops has often had it at odds with the local farming community. From as for back as the late 1600s the green monkey was considered an agricultural pest… wreaking havoc on the island’s crops.

This resulted in a bounty being placed on the monkey… and to this day a bounty is still on the Barbados green monkey. But even with the bounty on its head and a local community willing to hunt it down for the reward, the Barbados monkey has survived…

By using its wits it has retreated to the wooded gullies and ravines where its capture is near impossible.

Barbados Green Monkey Frequently Asked Questions


The Barbados green monkey, can be spotted in various locations across the island. One popular place to see these playful creatures is at the Barbados Wildlife Reserve, located in the parish of St. Peter. Here, visitors can observe the green monkeys in their natural habitat, as well as other indigenous wildlife. Additionally, some hotels and resorts in Barbados have gardens or open spaces where these monkeys are known to frequent, offering guests a chance to catch a glimpse of these unique and charming creatures.

No, the Green Monkey is not native to Barbados. It was brought to the island from sub-Saharan Africa more than 350 years ago. It has become the most iconic and recognizable wildlife species on the island.


Facts About The Barbados Green Monkey

I know you may be shocked to find out that this monkey also known as the Vervet monkey can be found in Barbados… Yes, this mischievous medium-sized primate originally came from sub-Saharan Africa. When fully grown it’s approximately 40 to 43 cm tall and weighs between 4 and 4.5 kg.

The colour of the Barbados monkey is a mixture of hues and shades, its body is grey, and greenish-brown while the hair around its face is a whitish yellow and its hands and feet are black. Contrary to popular belief the Vervet monkey is not a forest dweller although it has been forced to seek refuge in the wooded areas of the island for its survival.

The monkey spends most of the day on the ground feeding, but as night approaches they can be seen heading into the trees where they spend the night. They can often be seen in large groups consisting of males, females, and some offspring. The primary diet of the monkey is fruit and other food crops and they need a ready source of drinking water.

The Best Place To See The Barbados Green Monkey

Over the last twenty-five years, the monkey has been pushed further into the wooded gullies as the development of the island took place. These days’ sightings of the monkey aren’t as common as before… but if you are in any of the rural areas of the island you may still be in time to see its playful antics.

In fact, this elusive creature has been known to entertain guests staying at some of the luxury villas on Barbados popular West coast… As a matter of fact, they would often frequent the mature tropical gardens at the luxurious Nelson Gay villas around tea-time.

If you miss this elusive little creature playfully swinging around the trees at your hotel or while you are out sightseeing you can always take a tour of the Barbados Wildlife Reserve… At the reserve, you can see the monkeys around 2 pm in their natural habitat during feeding time.

Tour The Barbados Wildlife Reserve

If you would like the opportunity to get up close and personal with the lovable Barbados Green Monkey, then this is the tour that I recommend for you. This three-hour tour gives you the opportunity to feed the monkeys. Here is what you’ll get…

  • 4-hour tour of the Wildlife Reserve at feeding time
  • See the other animals, deer, peacocks, iguana and tortoise
  • Visit Barclays Park on the east coast
  • Visit North Point and see the Atlantic surf crash into the surrounding cliff
  • Photo opportunity
  • Book this tour online today!

Other Attractions Where You May See The Green Monkey

In Barbados you are never far away from an amazing attraction. Other popular attractions where you may see the elusive Barbados Green Monkey are the 350-year-old St. Nicholas Abbey and the Morgan Lewis Wind Mill

St. Nicholas Abbey Barbados

St. Nicholas Abbey is one of the great majestic houses of Barbados it has been well preserving for the past 350 years. This 17th-century house is perhaps the last such house anywhere in the world.

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Morgan lewis mill
Morgan Lewis Mill Barbados

Morgan Lewis Mill was originally built in the 18th century to grind the sugar cane during harvest time. It was one of the many mills dotting the landscape of Barbados during that early era when sugar was king.

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