Barbados Wildlife Reserve

An outing at the Barbados wildlife reserve has become a must-do activity for our family every summer… When I was growing up in Northern Barbados approximately 30 minutes walk from where the wildlife reserve is currently located… Regular sightings of the island’s most popular wild animal… the Barbados Green Monkey are an everyday thing.

This playful creature would visit our homes and pick the ripe fruits from our trees, sit on our fences and generally entertain us as kids… But as times change and the development of the island took place the once common green monkey became more and more elusive… That’s why we decided to have an outing to the Barbados Wildlife Reserve at the summer… you see like we were our kids are fascinated by this playful intelligent wild animal.

However, this fascinating creature has been pushed further and further into the wooded areas. Now you can go months and months before you can have a casual sighting of this playful creature. That’s why we decided
that an outing to the Barbados Wildlife Reserve is a must-do activity on our to-do list each year.

The Barbados Wild Life Reserve is a magnificent natural mahogany forest overlooking the island’s beautiful, rugged East coast. The reserve is a really unique, wildlife habitat enclosed to provide a free-range sanctuary where a wide cross-section of wildlife roams as if they were in the wild..

Barbados Wildlife Reserve Frequently Asked Questions


Feeding time at the Barbados Wildlife Reserve is at 2:00 PM. Visitors can witness the feeding of various animals, including green monkeys and tortoises. It is a delightful experience to see these creatures eagerly devouring their meals.

Some of the other attractions near the Barbados Wildlife Reserve include Farley Hill National Park, Morgan Lewis Wind Mill, St. Nicholas Abbey and the Animal Flower Cave.

Animals Found At The Barbados Wildlife Reserve

Here is what you’ll see at the Barbados Wildlife Reserve… The Barbados Green Monkey definitely is the star of the show at the reserve… but if you want to be sure of seeing this playful creature be sure to visit during the mid-afternoon as they are fed around 2.30 pm.

You’ll be thrilled by the playful antics of this elusive wild animal in its natural environment. The Red Brocket Deer is one of the imported animals found at the reserve… this deer is a native species of South and Central America. This shy nocturnal animal can be found hiding in the lush undergrowth at the reserve… You just may get a glimpse of this shy secretive animal.

A number of Pythons and Boas are found at the reserve these large snakes are kept in cages. Among them, you will find the reticulated python, considered to be the world’s longest snake these reptiles often grow to well over 30 feet. You will also see a couple of Red Tail Boas at the reserve this is another large powerful reptile, which can grow to approximately 14 feet.

You’ll also find a number of exotic birds at the wildlife reserve… among them are Budgies, Ring-neck Parakeets, Brown Pelicans, and Flamingos to name a few… But that’s not all you’ll also find an endangered
species of the Cuban iguana, tortoise, and Mongoose hiding among the wide variety of tropical vegetation found on the grounds of the reserve.

As you stroll along the path of this natural animal habitat you’ll be amazed by the fascinating animals especially the Green Monkeys… of all the animals they are our favourites.

Barbados Wildlife Reserve Peacock

Barbados Wildlife Reserve Review

The Barbados wildlife reserve is a must-visit destination for nature enthusiasts. As soon as I entered the reserve, I was greeted by a chorus of tropical bird songs, creating a serene and enchanting atmosphere. The reserve is home to a diverse range of wildlife, from green monkeys swinging gracefully from tree to tree to vibrant peacocks flaunting their stunning feathers.

It was a truly captivating experience to witness these creatures in their natural habitat, and the knowledgeable staff provided fascinating insights about each species. Overall, the Barbados wildlife reserve exceeded my expectations and left me with unforgettable memories of the island’s remarkable biodiversity.

Tour The Barbados Wildlife Reserve

If you would like the opportunity to get up close and personal with the lovable Barbados Green Monkey , then this is the tour that I recommend for you. This three-hour tour gives you the opportunity to feed the monkeys. Here is what you’ll get…

  • 4-hour tour of the Wildlife Reserve at feeding time
  • See the other animals, deer, peacocks, iguana and tortoise
  • Visit Barclays Park on the east coast
  • Visit North Point and see the Atlantic surf crash into the surrounding cliff
  • Book this tour online today!

Other Attractions Near The Barbados Wildlife Reserve

In Barbados you are never far away from an amazing attraction. Other popular attractions and things to see and do close to The Barbados Wildlife Reserve are the Morgan Lewis Mill and St Nicholas Abbey.

Morgan Lewis Mill Barbados

Morgan Lewis Mill was initially built in the 18th century to grind the sugar cane during harvest time. It was one of the many mills dotting the landscape of Barbados during that early era when sugar was king.

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St Nicholas Abbey
St Nicholas Abbey Barbados

St. Nicholas Abbey is one of the majestic great houses of Barbados it has been well preserved for the past 350 years. This 17th-century house is perhaps the last such house anywhere in the world. 

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