Morgan Lewis Mill

You have to experience the re-enactment of the Morgan Lewis Mill during the second Sunday of each month between February and May to understand the mix of emotions… as this historical monument comes to action. You see over the last few years during the Sugar crop season this 19th-century sugar museum is functional with its sails all in place… It’s a wonderful sight.

At this time a host of Barbadians along with North American and European visitors flock to this historic mill to see the grinding of sugar cane to produce cane juice. As the largest and one of the only intact sugar mill in the Caribbean… Morgan Lewis Mill is a significant part of Barbados rich heritage.

That’s why the National Trust carefully restored the Mill to its former glory in 1999… making it a definite must-see for both locals and visitors to the island.

Morgan Lewis Mill Frequently Asked Questions


The Morgan Lewis Windmill, located in St. Andrew, Barbados, has a rich history dating back to the early 18th century. Built in 1727, it is the only intact sugar windmills remaining on the island. Originally used to grind sugarcane and produce sugar, the windmill played a crucial role in Barbados' thriving sugar industry during the colonial period.

The Morgan Lewis Windmill holds great historical and cultural significance in Barbados. Today, the windmill has been preserved and transformed into a museum, attracting tourists who are interested in learning about Barbados' rich history and heritage. It stands as a symbol of resilience and serves as a tangible link to the island's agricultural and industrial past.

Morgan Lewis Mill

Where Is Morgan Lewis Mill Located

Morgan Lewis Windmill is Located in the rugged… but beautiful northeast of Barbados the windmill is a fitting reminder of an era when Barbados used the energy of the wind to power its main industry. Built around 1798 this well-preserved Dutch-style mill stands as a compelling argument for the use of renewable energy… in an era of rising oil prices, global warming, rising sea levels, and the general destruction of our fragile ecosystem.

The mill has been touted, as one of the wonders of Barbados… this historic unique stone mill is the property of the Barbados National Trust a charitable non-profit organization charged with the responsibility of preserving the island’s unique heritage.

You’ll be amazed by this fascinating tourist attraction… and even more fascinated by the appetising cane juice, made from the grinding of the organic sugar cane during the visitor season. After the main season is over the mill restoration and maintenance so if you visit during this time you’ll notice that the sail is taken down.

Tour Barbados Last Remaining Wind Mill

If you would like to take a step back into a bygone era of Barbados sugar and rum production, then a stop over at the Morgan Lewis Mill is recommended for you. This tour gives you a sneak peek into how sugar was made during the 17th century. Here is what you’ll get…

  • Explore the only remaining windmill in Barbados
  • One of the most spectacular views of the east coast
  • Photo opportunity
  • Book this tour online today!

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