Bridgetown Barbados Airport

Visitors to the Bridgetown Barbados airport, Grantley Adams International are no doubt surprise to find such a world-class facility… But it shouldn’t be a surprise. The island has long pride itself on being the major hub for air travel in the Eastern Caribbean… with regular direct service to Europe, United States, Canada, Central and South America.

The airport in Barbados accepts all types of aircraft… from single & twin engine turbo prop to the Boeing 747. As a matter fact so respected is the Barbados airport, that it was one of the few airports to receive regular schedule flights from the British Airways Concord before it was retired in 2003.

You may be thinking big deal… well it really was a big deal. If you take into consideration that the United Kingdom is the islands biggest travel market.



Bridgetown Barbados Airport Frequently Asked Questions


The Bridgetown Barbados Airport is Grantley Adams International Airport. The airport serves as a major hub for both domestic and international flights, connecting Barbados to various destinations around the world.

Bridgetown is approximately 16 kilometers away from Grantley Adams International Airport. The distance can be covered in about 20 minutes by car, depending on traffic conditions. Alternatively, there are also public transportation options available for travelers who prefer not to drive.

Travel From Britain to The Bridgetown Barbados Airport

The fact that a regular schedule flight from Britain to the Bridgetown Barbados airport takes a whopping 8 hours… that’s by regular aircraft but if you took the Concord the flight was reduce to only 4 hours. From this statistic You would understand why it was such a big deal… of course you would have to shell out a few more dollars for the ride.

The Concord is now retired, actually one of the Concords have even chosen Barbados as its retirement home. So if you didn’t get to fly on the Concord during its 27 years of service there is one at the Barbados airport.

The Concord at The Bridgetown Barbados Airport

The Concord exhibition at the Grantley Adams International airport in Barbados is known as the Concord Experience. This modern day museum was establish by the government of Barbados as a tribute to this aircraft. …But there is more to the Grantley Adams International Airport than the Concord experience… the airport has been recognized by The World Travel Awards as being the Caribbean’s Leading Airport.

Despite this the authorities in Barbados recognized the need for increase capacity and embark on what has been a major upgrade of the facilities at the airport. If you were to visit the airport in Barbados now you will notice that the runaway has been upgraded, so has the parking aprons and approaching lights.

You will also realize that a new building has been the constructed to house an expanded Arrivals terminal with a bigger baggage claims area. And there is a new departure lounge with access to a wider selection of retail shops and food courts.

The New Bridgetown Barbados Airport

New facilities are great but what is really cool about all the work at the Grantley Adams International airport is it has been designed to be more environmentally friendly. Barbados is an island paradise with beautiful near perfect weather conditions the airport’s design has taken advantage of all this gorgeous weather.

The roof of the airport is made up of a set of translucent tents, which allows the natural light during the day to illuminate the interior of the terminal. This simple feature has been use to reduce the energy cost of the new terminal… But that’s not all the upgraded airport features an open style of construction reducing the need for air-conditioning in some areas.

This allows the interior to be cool by the trade wind breeze that surrounds the island. The only downside to this is during the rainy season some areas of the checking get wet. The Bridgetown Barbados airport the entrance and exit to the most idyllic of Caribbean island vacation.


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Cheap Flights to Barbados
Cheap Flights to Barbados

With the worlds economies still recovering from the effects of the global pandemic… the one thing on the lips of most travelers is the idea of cheap flights.

So look out for any package deals that are on offer especially during the tourism off season which runs from April to Novembers.

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Flights to Barbados

There are a number of airlines making regular flights to the island these include British Airways, Virgin Atlantic, American Airlines, American Eagle, US Airways, Air Jamaica, Air Canada, Caribbean Airlines, Liat, Executive Air.

There are also a number of chartered services. With these international airlines operating daily and weekly flights to Barbados from the major gateways across North America and Europe, you have no problem getting here.

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