Barbados Weather in July

You can only describe Barbados weather in July as hot but awesome… remember this is really early in the summer and its going to get hotter! The only respite during this month is the rain since it’s the rainy season… but you’ll be surprise even the rain is nice and as some visitors often comment even the rain is warm.

The cooling off period the showers bring does not last very long as the summer heat quickly dries up any rain and the cool conditions with it. The only ones who seem not to be affected are the kids who are on summer recess from school.

Barbados Weather in July

Temperatures and Barbados Weather in July

July is also the start of the annual Crop Over festival so you find that this is another high season for arrivals to the island. Flights to the island get some what busier at this time since there is a peak in arrivals… as hundreds of folks travel to the island to take part in the festival.

You also find a number of young cricketers from as far away as England on the island to take part in the annual Sir Garfield Sobers International Schools Cricket Tournament. If you are not into Crop Over or cricket there are still a number of other things to do during the July summer heat.

These include activities like the Mid Summer Creole Classic horse race, the Fun Ride and any of the Barbados hiking adventures.

Here is a look at Barbados weather in July…

  • Average High in July: 86°F
  • Average Low in July: 80°F
  • Average Temperature in July: 83°F
  • Average Rain Fall in July: 5″

On the other hand if the July heat becomes unbearable you can spend your summer days soaking in the tranquil waters off the island’s West or South coast.

The Top Things To Do In Barbados Weather In July

Barbados weather conditions hardly change from month to month… actually as mention earlier it’s near perfect all year round. But below we’ve listed the top six things to do outdoors in June. This will give you a better idea of what to do once you are here in paradise with us.

Jolly Roger Party Cruise

This tour on board the Jolly Roger party boat is a 4 hour cruise allowing you to sight see as you tour along the south and west coasts of Barbados. This cruise is a great way to experience our July weather

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Mount Gay Rum Tour Barbados

On this tour you will visit the Mount Gay Visitor Center where you will learn about its history and of course, sampling this famous Rum. July weather and our rum a fantastic combination

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The colourful Harrisons Caves in Barbados.

This Harrison’s Cave tour is a short 3-hour tour that takes you into the center of the island where you will tour the very magnificent Harrison’s Cave…

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Sea Turtle Adventure Tours

This three and a half hour snorkelling adventure includes quality snorkelling gear, soft drinks, rum punch, beer, snacks and transportation.

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Barbados Submarine Tour

Wonderful weather in July allows you to experience this 40-minute under water tour on the Atlantis Submarine! takes you pass vibrant corals, tropical fish, and a sunken shipwrecks.

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Barbados Catamaran Cruises

This sailing adventure is the perfect way for you to snorkel with the giant sea turtles, and over the ship wrecks. The weather in Barbados during July is perfect this sailing tour.

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