Where Is Barbados Located?

The jewel of the Caribbean Sea… The question where is Barbados located? Still seem to pop up when the name Barbados is mention… And it still a bit funny when some folks start guessing… you would hear answers like is it in Jamaica? Or is it somewhere in New York? Now in this modern era this is not happening as often.

Actually this has change since the Barbados Tourism Authority has made a major effort to market the island as the ideal vacation destination. So with this question still managing to surface we’ve decided to answer the question here.

So where is Barbados? Barbados is the jewel of the Caribbean located in the North Atlantic approximately 13 degrees north and longitude 59 degrees west.



The closest island to Barbados is Saint Vincent, which lies approximately 120 miles to the west. Saint Vincent is part of the Grenadines, a chain of islands located in the southeastern Caribbean. The proximity of these two islands makes it convenient for travelers to explore both destinations during their Caribbean vacation.

The official language spoken in Barbados is English. It is widely spoken and understood throughout the island. However, the local population also speaks a Barbadian dialect, or Creole, known as Bajan. This dialect incorporates elements of English, West African languages, and other influences.

So Where Is Barbados Located?

This location makes the island the most easterly of all the islands in the Caribbean island chain… This location no doubt also gives the island a unique advantage mainly because the islands coastline experience contrasting conditions.

On the western side you’ll find the popular west coast beaches with spectacular white sands, coral reefs and washed by the gentler calmer turquoise Caribbean Sea. While on the eastern side you’ll find the rugged rolling hills and scenic landscape where the east coast beaches are washed by the more turbulent Atlantic Ocean.

So the next time the question arises where Barbados is located? You shouldn’t be making any wild guesses, like Africa, Jamaica or event somewhere in New York? Remember it is a small 166 square mile island of spectacular contrast located in the Caribbean Sea 600 miles south east of Puerto Rico… and approximately 300 miles north of the south American country of Guyana.


Where Is Barbados Located From The Major Travel Markets?

Where Is Barbados Located From London

Barbados is located about 6,764.3 kilometers from London or 8 hours & 30 minutes away when traveling by airplane

Where Is Barbados Located From Paris

Barbados is located about 6,842.9 kilometers from Paris or 8 hours & 35 minutes away when traveling by airplane

Where Is Barbados Located From New York

Barbados is located about 3,363 kilometers from New York or 4 hours & 30 minutes away when traveling by airplane

Where Is Barbados Located From Rio

Barbados is located about 4,390.23 kilometers from Rio De Janeiro or 5 hours & 37 minutes away when traveling by airplane