Bathsheba Beach Barbados

Relax On Barbados Palm Fringe Beaches

Barbados beaches are perfect… Over 70 miles of spectacular white sand wash by the most spectacular turquoise waters you have ever seen. All the beaches are magnificent… but among these pictures perfect beaches there are some that are adored by the locals and worshiped by the tourist.

Once you visit these beaches you’ll understand why life in Barbados seems to revolve around the beach… or better yet why for some life revolve around the beach bars. At these favourite spots the sands are nearly perfect, the waters are tranquil and pristine, the music is always playing …and usually the rum punches are flowing.

You can snorkel in the pristine waters, you can explore the under water world while scuba diving on the many reefs. You can picnic on the white sandy beaches, swim in the calm waters, join in a friendly game of beach volleyball or beach cricket.

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